Fire Alarm Systems
This is a most important and common component for protecting life and property both during working hours and times of site closure.

We install, maintain, certify and service all types of fire detection systems over a wide range of applications from small domestic dwellings to large industrial sites. We also provide design for new installations with a competent team of technicians with years of experience for all applications.

Gas Suppression Systems
An invaluable system for any company that relies on the continuity of their business from the possibility of damage to integral and irreplaceable components such as IT suites, electrical switch rooms, archive stores, industrial chemical areas and more.

We provide the complete package from design, installation and certification through to the maintenance of a wide range of fire extinguishing systems including CO2, Inert gas, Foam and Water Mist. Room integrity and gas/smoke extraction is also a very important part of the fire suppression system. We provide this for all types of applications whether stand alone or in conjunction with a suppression system.

Fire Extinguishers
Quite possibly the most important and first point of contact to enable the safe escape of any occupants for any type of building.

We supply, service and maintain all types of fire extinguishers for domestic and commercial use including fire blankets and extinguisher signage. A fully qualified technician will carry out onsite repairs of extinguishers for continued coverage for all customers including the decommissioning and removal from site of unserviceable extinguishers.

Emergency Lighting
Important and integral in any fire evacuation procedure where interruption of the mains electrical supply to all or part of a buildings lighting occurs. It provides a safe means of exiting a building during a loss of power.

We can carry out all aspects of emergency lighting installation, maintenance and servicing including onsite repair on all means of lighting and luminaires.

CCTV and Site Monitoring
A powerful addition to any sites security measures. Visual and audio recording for safety, monitoring machines or process activity, a deterrent for illegal activity and a tool for insurance recovery.

We are able to provide a full design, installation and service of all CCTV equipment providing comprehensive support for businesses.
Another thing to think about is the possibility of linking to a remote alarm receiving centre (ARC) for very early attendance from the Fire Brigade and/or Police Force complete peace of mind.

Access Control
For the restriction of access to sensitive areas of any type of site from schools to unattended car parks. Access Control can be one less thing to worry about on sites where ease of access is required along with complete security and peace of mind.

We have the experience to install, programme and maintain various types of Access Control from key fob entry to videophone door release. The perfect application for many types of industry including care homes, boarding colleges or anywhere private information or vulnerable people need to be protected.

Dry Risers
An often forgotten but ultimately priceless part of your fire protection and extremely useful for aiding the Fire Brigade in tackling an already well established fire.

We provide the service and maintenance of Dry Riser pipe work from 2 storey buildings to 15 storeys or more. Competent and conscientious technicians provide both minor and major services for your Dry Risers. Full surveys are performed before starting any full water test to ensure no serious leaks damage expensive property occurring from vandalism or accidentally opened valves.

FGAS Certified

We are certified under the FIA F-Gas certification scheme for working with gases detailing the European regulation for safe handling of fluorinated gases and their recovery, equipment and testing. Our certificate number is: F-0125-GB

There are many more additions for all of the above applications that we couldn’t possibly mention. To talk to someone about your specific requirements please contact us.

There are many more additions for all of the above applications that we couldn’t possibly mention. To talk to someone about your specific requirements please contact us.

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