Total Fire Solutions are a company we happily recommend to all of our clients. Professional, personable and frankly, they know what they are doing.

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Why Choose Us? Because...

Established in 1998, Total Fire Solutions South Limited is an experienced company with a good reputation in the Fire Protection Industry.

Combined, our Directors, Ian Walters and Richard Midwinter, have over 60 years’ experience in the sector, and have built solid relationships with our Customers, some of whom have been with us since the beginning.

A Quality Service

Whilst our services are varied, the core of our business is servicing and maintaining fire protection equipment to our portfolio of Customers.  Working with Architects and Consultants, we are able to provide suitable solutions to any new-builds; renovations or upgrades to existing buildings.  We also offer on-site Portable Fire Extinguisher Training.

Our Engineers are experienced in the industry and are available 24/7, 365 days a year, providing peace of mind both during and outside of the working day.

Our Customer base is diverse in both sector and size and includes Government sites, Private Colleges and Hospitals, Retail and Manufacturing businesses and Local Authorities.

We use only Market Leading products from Manufacturers and Suppliers with a proven track record within the industry

The Team

As a team, we pride ourselves on the service we give and the professionalism in which we carry out our work.  We are approachable and will talk to you in a language that you understand.

If you would like to enquire about our services in more detail, please give us call.

Who we are

Our qualified team members
Ian Walters
After working for a national company for many years and having to cope with the many changes and restrictions that this brings upon oneself and its Customer base, a few of us decided to take the risk of leaving the ‘comfort blanket’ of being employed and a regular wage and set up our own company. Total Fire Solutions South Limited has been in operation for almost 17 years.

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With a young family to support it wasn’t a decision I took lightly but having a background in electrics, the service industry and Fire Protection I felt equipped to be able to support a network of Customers and give the attention to detail required to make a successful go at a new venture and keep the family secure at the same time.

I like to think that our approach to business and, more importantly, our Customers have proved that the risk was worthwhile.  Having the right people on board with the right work ethic means that we are able to focus on what we do best, look after our Customers both existing and new.

Outside of work I enjoy family time, holidays, most sports, and walks with the dog, great food, wine and beer.

Richard Midwinter
Much like my fellow Director, Ian, working for a national company came with many benefits but also came with difficulties, restrictions and many obstacles so ‘going it alone’ seemed like the next best step if I wanted to stay in the industry. Like most things in life, it’s not been easy, we’ve experienced trials and tribulations along the way but these have only made us stronger as a company.

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I have always had the backing of my family and their support has helped drive us to where we are today.

I like to think that we are different to other companies in the same sector and that our approach sets us apart from the competition. We are focussed on providing excellent service and value for money. We are reactive to our Customer needs and pride ourselves in knowing and understanding our Customer base and the sectors in which we are privileged to work in.

With a family of teenage boys, life outside of work is busy but when I do make time for ‘me’ I like watching and following various sporting events, I like good food, wine and beer and spending time with family and friends.

Karen Walters
Office Manager
I joined the company last May following some changes within the Management structure that saw the company move its Head Office from Dorchester to South Wales. My background, predominantly, is within the Customer Service sector. I have held Managerial positions and looked after a large Customer base which has allowed me to travel a fair bit of the UK.

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With Total Fire Solutions, I am employed to look after the office, which covers a wide spectrum of tasks from basic administration to company changing activities.

My main aim is to ensure that Total Fire Solutions continue to support all of its Customers and Suppliers, existing and new. We want the contact you have with our Company representative, whoever that may be, to be consistent, easy to deal with and as seamless as possible.

Outside of work, I enjoy family time, in particular spending time with our Grandson and look forward to welcoming more in to the mix when they come along. I enjoy walking with our Dog, sampling new food and wines and generally having a great time.

I trained and fully qualified as a Fire alarm installation and commissioning engineer and have been continually adding to my port folio for the last 6 years. I was looking to expand my knowledge base and Total Fire Solutions was the obvious choice.

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Both personally and professionally I like to be organised and approach tasks methodically. Challenges come our way from time to time and overcoming these challenges gives huge satisfaction. I like to think that I focus on the needs of our Customers and go beyond what they expect, delivering excellent service at all times providing results that are cost-effective for our Customer.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing football for my local team, whittling sticks, making my own sweeeeeets and relaxing with my children.

Alex Gadd
Senior Engineer
My background has always been electrical based. After leaving school I embarked on an electrical apprenticeship which has led me to where I am now with Total Fire Solutions South Limited.

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I have been with the company for 11 years and we specialise in installation, maintenance and commissioning of all types of Fire Protection Systems.

I am competent at all types of electrical installation and I am passionate about what I do and the quality of the end product that I produce. I like to get in-depth with systems and enjoy the challenge of fault finding diagnosis and get great satisfaction of solving the issues and putting remedies in place to avoid repetition. I always strive to give our customers the best possible service and like to think that I go above and beyond what would be expected of me.

Outside of work, I have a young family and we enjoy life outdoors. I enjoy football both watching and playing.

Stuart Pietralczyk
I previously worked for 16 years at a large electrical installation company.
This was an excellent learning experience and has put me in good stead for the demanding nature of the fire industry.

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For the last 3 years I have worked at Total Fire Solutions South Ltd specialising in installation, maintenance on all types of fire alarm and emergency lighting systems. Since joining the company, I have undertaken and passed a qualification to become a fire extinguisher engineer.

I am good at all types of electrical installation and I’m very passionate about the quality level that I like to attain, I hope this is reflected in my work. Our customers are paramount, I give the best possible service that I can and pride myself in giving our customers what they want.

In my spare time I like to get my tools out and tinker with machinery. Weekends I enjoy free time with my two children. I’m also interested in motorcycles, riding them and modifying them.

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